Significant Reduction in Environmental Footprints

North Tech Energy specializes in supplying energy companies with proficient and flexible talent for geothermal drilling services around the world. For your geothermal drilling projects to be completed on schedule and within budget, you will need experts with experience.

North Tech Energy is offering a state-of-the-art drilling rigs and equipment that is specially equipped and designed for geothermal Slim Sell drilling. The specialized rig for small hole drilling is a track mounted to be able to mobilize in hard and difficult areas to minimize environmental footprint and infrastructure as well as mobilization cost. We are one of few companies in the world that have experience in drilling geothermal exploration slim wells and setting up flow test equipment and perform flow tests.

To reduce cost of failure North Tech Energy has developed a new proprietary Slim-Wells technology. Our Slim Well technique provides:

  • Significant reduction in investment needed to make project bankable and thereby cost of failure resulting in overall lower project risk.

  • Reduction in surface footprint and environmental impact due to much smaller well-pads, roads and other infrastructure necessary for the drilling.


Quicker cash generation and smaller projects become feasible

  • Small, cheap and standardized geothermal power generators can be installed directly onto the Slim-Well replacing costly and polluting diesel generators.

  • Perfect solution in geothermally active but isolated areas, or for savings during further exploitation of a geothermal field.


Slim-Wells Provide

  • Full Core

  • Geology

  • Chemistry

  • Permeability

  • Reservoir temperature

  • Reservoir pressure

  • Productivity



Layout for the driling rig and auxi.png

Layout for the driling rig and auxi