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Great Days Spent at the IIGCE 2019.

AUG. 19, 2019

Great days spent at the IIGCE 2019 in Jakarta promoting Slim Well drilling.


North Tech Energy and PT New Quest Geotechnology sign cooperation on small-scale geothermal development

DEC. 1, 2020

NewQuest Geotechnology & North Tech Drilling have signed a strategic partnership for small-scale geothermal development in Indonesia, as well as energy storage and CO2 capture.


North Tech Energy engages on drilling work for PT Geo Dipa Energy in Indonesia

SEP. 4, 2020

Through its Indonesian subsidiary PT North Tech Drilling and with partner Iceland GeoSurvey, North Tech Energy to provide extensive technical consultancy on drilling, including drilling program and equipment for drilling work at two geothermal working areas in Indonesia.