North Tech Energy is an international company focusing on entering new markets for geothermal drilling
using a unique environmentally friendly slim well drilling technique for both explorations and production
purposes. North Tech Energy has participated in designing Slim Well drilling rigs for situations where
infrastructure is little and difficult to get to.

NTE is one of few companies in the world that has experience in drilling geothermal Slim Wells for
exploration purposes where prime focus is on minimizing environmental impact by emphasizing on less
infrastructure consequently leaving smaller environmental footprint. NTE can provide drilling equipment
and staff for any geothermal project worldwide.

With a presence in Iceland, Indonesia, the Netherlands, and the African continent, we provide our
clients with brands and niche services specific to the energy sector. Our network in the geothermal
communities provides employers and prospective employees with an abundance of options.

Past performance of NTE includes the following:

- Geothermal and hot water drilling in Iceland
- Geothermal drilling supervisor, Rwanda
- Geothermal drilling supervisor, Philippines
- Geothermal drilling supervisor, Kenya
- Oil and gas drilling on- and offshore in UK
- Oil and gas drilling offshore in Holland
- Oil and gas drilling offshore in Norway

Organizational Chart


Management Team


Geir Hagalinsson

Managing Director, Operation & Drilling

Geir Hagalinsson founded North Tech Energy in 2009 and has been operating the company ever since. Geir started his career in the geothermal drilling sector in 1996. In 2006 he moved to England where he worked as Project Manager for Larchford LTD. During his studies in Aberdeen, Geir worked for Global Resources and after finishing university he  was hired at Diamond Offshore Drilling. Before returning full time to operating North Tech Energy in 2015, Geir was positioned as Hydraulic Engineer at Maersk Drilling in Norway.

Geir studied Mechanical and Offshore engineering at The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. He also holds level D in Marine Engineering from the Marine Engineering College in Iceland.


Runa B. Hagalinsdottir

Managing Director, Business Development & Finance

Runa Hagalinsdottir joined North Tech Energy fulltime in 2019. Runa has extensive experience from working within the financial sector in Iceland ever since the year 2000. Prior to joining the company Runa joined Kvika Investment Bank in 2016 where she worked as specialist within Operation and Finance but served as specialist in Organizational Development since 2018. Prior to joining Kvika, Runa had been with Straumur investment bank since 2007 as Director of debt management and later as CEO and Attorney assistant.

Runa holds a B.Sc. Degree in Business and Marketing from Reykjavik University and also Masters degree in Business and Administration (MBA) from Reykjavik University since 2014.


Pak Antonaria

Managing Director, PT North Tech Drilling Indonesia

Pak Antonaria joined North Tech Energy in 2018 and manages PT North Tech Drilling in Jakarta, Indonesia. Prior to joining NTE, or from 1993, Antonaria worked at Indonesia’s National Development Planning Agency (NDPA) where he was responsible for preparing the Government of Indonesia (GOI) annual budget together with the Ministry of Finance. Antonaria’s last position at the NDPA  before resigning in 2015 was Deputy Director for energy resources. Before joining NDPA, Pak Antonaria was an Appraisal Project Coordinator at  Project  Management Unit (PMU) Technical Assistance Project for Public and Private Provision of Infrastructure.

Pak Antonaria holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology and from thereon he finished MA in Development Study from Murdoch University, Perth Australia. Other professional training includes Finance for Senior Executive Program at Harvard Business School, Economic Development Experience of Singapore National University of Singapore (NUS) and Participatory Local Social Development: Project Planning and Management at Nihon Fukushi University - JICA, Japan.