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North Tech Energy engages on drilling work for PT Geo Dipa Energy in Indonesia


Through its Indonesian subsidiary PT North Tech Drilling and with partner Iceland GeoSurvey, North Tech Energy to provide extensive technical consultancy on drilling, including drilling program and equipment for drilling work at two geothermal working areas in Indonesia.

Icelandic geothermal drilling specialist North Tech Energy has been engaged by PT Geo Dipa Energy, a state-owned geothermal operating and development company for developing a drilling program and conduct slim well drilling on the geothermal working areas (WKP) of Arjuno Welirang and Umbul Telemoyo Temple. The two working areas were assigned as part of a total of 8 geothermal working areas assigned by the Indonesian government to PT Geo Dipa.

PT Geo Dipa Energy is currently preparing to drill five slim wells as part of an exploration program for each project, so 10 wells in total. A slim well approach was chosen to reduce cost and minimize environmental impact in the exploration phase of the projects. Traditional early stage drilling has been conducted with larger equipment, more environmental impact and higher costs.

As part of the contract, North Tech Energy, through its Indonesian daughter company PT North Tech Drilling will be working with subcontractor Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR), a leading geothermal exploration services company from Iceland. North Tech Energy successfully drilled slim wells for the Montelago geothermal project in the Philippines, which has been a key reason for PT Geo Dipa to sign a contract with the company.

The scope of the project entails: well prognosis, well design for exploration wells for both projects, development of the drilling program, supply of drilling equipment, well testing and additional work on following environmental requirements.

“We are incredibly proud working with PT Geo Dipa Energy and to support the ambitious geothermal development plans of Indonesia. The slim well approach and planned exploration activities will help speed up exploration, de-risk projects and this with minimal environmental impact and reduced cost for the company. We are excited to enter into this project with our partners.”, so Geir Hagalinsson, CEO of North Tech Energy.

North Tech Energy (NTE) is an international drilling services specialist firm focusing on environmentally slim well drilling approach for exploration and production well drilling. The company is one among few companies with experience in drilling slim wells for geothermal exploration. With this approach, the company can guarantee a minimized environmental impact, less infrastructure requirements, and smaller environmental footprint. The company provides drilling equipment and crews for any geothermal projects worldwide.

With a headquarter in Iceland, the company is additionally represented in Indonesia, The Netherlands, in Africa, yet a global approach to providing its services to geothermal development.

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