North Tech Energy is looking into the possibility to utilize offshore geothermal energy nearby Iceland


Geothermal energy has been utilized on land for a long time and the geothermal resources have a potential of being one of the greatest sustainable energy choices to use. With rising energy prices and increased knowledge of geothermal utilization the idea of developing and using offshore energy becomes more and more attractive. Europe and the rest of world has a lot of offshore geothermal areas that have not been looked into yet with the possibility to utilizing if for electricity production. By moving the geothermal power plants offshore North Tech Energy will face a lot of challenges but at the same time avoid others that a onshore plants have to tackle, for example by moving the power plant´s offshore will simplify and get rid of some equipment that an onshore plant needs like cooling towers that take a lot of space, they are expensive and all machinery in the plant that needs to be cooled can be cooled by sea


The idea of utilizing offshore geothermal energy is not new and in Italy some studies have been done the potential of utilize off shore geothermal. This refers to the Perspectives of offshore geothermal energy in Italy by the submarine volcanoes of the South Tyrrhenian Sea and are focusing on Marsili Seamount which, according to the literature data have be considered as a possible first offshore geothermal field. By developing and utilizing the possible fields around Iceland North Tech Energy can really set of a new chapter in expand geothermal technology, get the concept on higher level in other European countries and make Europe 2020 renewable energy targets stronger