Find The Right Applicant

How we work


As a offshore recruitment consultancy we operate globally with head office in Reykjavik, Iceland and office in Aberdeen, Scotland and Hawassa, Ethiopia (fall 2014). We serve the international oil and gas industry by supplying personnel to oil and gas companies across the globe.


  • Our goal is to establish valuable relationship between candidates and our clients.
  • Our strategy is built on a flexible sequence of cooperation, communication and control.

Our candidates


We aim to be appreciated for the high level of service we deliver. We provide qualified and equipped personnel for the offshore industry.


We meet your needs. All of our recommended candidates have gone through our 4 step recruitment and selection Process. Consequently, we know them personally and can ensure the high standard of qualified and equipped workers.


  • Up to date data
  • Personal contact
  • Detailed and well established database
  • Through the right information we know who you need