North Tech Energy specializes in supplying energy companies with proficient and flexible talent for ad hoc services around the world.

With head office in Reykjavik, Iceland and branch in Aberdeen, Scotland and Hawassa, Ethiopia (fall 2014), we operate as a recruitment consultancy, recruiting worldwide for oil, gas and geothermal positions.


We recognize that the energy sector constantly requires personnel with a wide range of expertise and skill-sets.


We connect our clients with the specialists they need to satisfy their HR requirements.


We lead our candidates through our recruitment and selection process assisting them finding the right job.


Our goal is to meet your needs; we aim to be appreciated for the high level of service we deliver to both parties.

Arna Hagalinsdottir

Arna Hagalins

Recruiter / HR Manager

Arna holds MBA in Human Resource Management from the University of Aberdeen and a B.Ed. – Teaching and Education from Iceland University of Education. Through her studies and work experience Arna has gained experience in recruitment. This involves managing replacement of personnel and mapping future recruitment for North Tech Energy Clients. Also, arranged interviews, issued contracts, supervised and developed the firms HR Structure. Arna has for several clients developed valuable relationships between them and the firm candidates.

Geir Hagalinsson

Geir B. Hagalínsson

Director / Drilling Supervisor

Geir is a Marine Engineer from the Marine Engineering college of Iceland and studied Mechanical & offshore engineering at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen Scotland. He has more than 15 years’ experience in geothermal drilling and 10 years’ in offshore oil and gas drilling. Through is education and work practice Geir has been involved in planning, supervising and starting up new drilling rigs and geothermal drilling projects for several clients around the world.

Runa Hagalinsdottir

Rúna B. Hagalins

Finance & Marketing director

Runa B Hagalins holds an MBA from Reykjavik University and a B.Sc. in Business and Marketing from Reykjavik University Runa has over 10 years of experience from the investment banking and collecting industry in Iceland and has as such managed a wide range of projects in her role as Manager of Collecting Receivables and Head of Loan Administration. Through her role as finance and marketing director within NTE, Runa has built and managed the operational and financial systems that are required to deliver a solid service to NTE’s clients.